(UPDATED) BREAKING | Davies disappears as investment falls through


SimNews can exclusively reveal that popular internet flight simulator personality, streamer and former owner of Mettar Simulations; Matt Davies has ‘retired’ from his online presence and all projects relating to the ‘Mettar Simulations’ company have been laid to rest. This follows months of promises regarding an A380 project, SimStall (A new addon management platform which was heavily inspired by ‘Steam’), POSCON and projectFly. Reports have suggested that an investor, known as ‘Nico’, failed to provide months of promised payments to developers and others. It is reported that up to 6 invoices were defaulted and have not been paid. It seems as if yet another fraudster had managed to swindle their way into the simulation scene and con avid fans and developers out of money and result in hyped projects being left six feet underground. Davies has signed a contract to relieve himself of responsibilities related to Mettar Simulations and it appears as if he will be returning to a new job outside of the simulation scene. This follows a mysterious tweet a few days ago where Davies suggested he had “an interview tomorrow”.

Davies has now deleted both his twitter and twitch.tv profiles and has suggested that his community discord and projectFly will both live on, the latter being worked on in a voluntary manor.

UPDATE (20/10/2018)

Davies has released a statement of sorts, you can read that here.

From the statement SimNews have gathered that no form of contract or legal documents were signed regarding the investment and that all agreements were verbal and therefore the issue of legality of said verbal exchanges is certainly a grey area. From our speculation it would appear that Nico promised a lot of things, Davies agreed to these things and pressed ahead with setting up a company, hiring developers etc. without signing any form of legal papers, contracts or anything of the like and Nico then failed to deliver on said promises, such as payments for the developers wages. Of course this is speculation and we will continue to delve into the story.

SimNews is committed to providing transparency into the simulation scene and will not be muted by aggressive tactics such as abuse and harassment which unfortunately we have faced with many of our stories. We simply report on the truth.


We will continue to update as the story develops..

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4 Comments on "(UPDATED) BREAKING | Davies disappears as investment falls through"

  1. The person who wrote this is a moron. We all know who Nico is, he has been on Matt’s stream and has his own stream on twitch ( https://www.twitch.tv/dal213/videos/all ). Your mother should have swallowed you….

  2. Matt Davies has now posted a blog post, so it might be a good idea to delete this article, read what is actually going on, and then you can make a new article.


  3. After all the arrogance and hostility to flight sim communities e.g. vatsim that’s a well deserved punch in the face by reality. And no personal blog full of life issues and other excuses is going to make people forget about Matt’s arrogance in the whole ordeal anytime soon. Enjoy the break Matt, we’ll enjoy it too.

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