Disclaimer: Some names and images have been blurred to protect the identities of victims. Perpetrators of the abuse will not be given the luxury of a hidden identity and will be named.

Following recent articles written by SimNews, we published facts about a child receiving harassment and bullying for his stance against the aggressive takeover bid of VATSIM and posted his opinions on the comment section of a fake news simulator media outlet. As his opinions did not align with the well known figurehead, who was the public frontman of the bid, the individual was harassed and bullied both on the article itself and on the discord server (a messaging and VOIP client for desktop/mobile) of the man behind the POSCON offer. Unfortunately, due to media brainwashing and the ‘dumbing down’ of society, many did not believe the facts that we published, so we will now have to explain things in a child like manor so that even the most brainwashed mob follower can understand what is going on and why it is wrong. We intend to keep the child’s identity hidden, who experts say can only be aged between 11 – 14 years of age, so they no longer have to continue to suffer from the attacks made by the community and fans of the aforementioned public figure.

Trigger Warning: This article will now go on to quote offensive material that many may find disturbing. This may trigger previous experiences of bullying, harassment and abuse if you are a survivor of similar issues. Read on if you feel you are able to cope with the following details.

This article is a direct result of the brainwashed and those who struggle to understand that bad people do exist. This article will likely be censored, mocked and we will most likely receive further abuse and harassment because of it. However, we feel that it is important that we publish this information and the behavior that has been allowed to continue for so long must be stopped.

It’s so easy for propaganda to work, and dissent to be mocked.
The first case details the bullying and harassment of a child who posted comments, which were polite and well intended, on an article from a well known fake sim news media site regarding the POSCON situation. The screenshots below were taken whilst the child’s comments were fresh and being read by members of the popular flight simulator personality Matt Davies’ discord channel. What makes the below screenshots even more worrying, is that names in green are moderators (the people who are supposed to enforce and regulate the rules). Although the screenshots should speak for themselves, these were taken from a PUBLIC discord in the #general chat – which is the first and main chat of the discord. The censored image was taken from a social media platform that the child in question uses. The image was taken from his social media and then ‘photoshopped’ and defaced to mock the child. We have decided to censor the image for the child’s protection and due to the fact that the edit was quite shocking and disgusting to view.

Article A
Article B

These are just a few of the comments that SimNews were able to source from the discord. There were many more regarding the individual, some were too offensive to show. The fact that people have gone out of their way to stalk this child is extremely worrying. In fact, it’s not just worrying – it’s creepy. What makes the situation even worse is that a moderator of Davies’ is actively engaging in the chat as well as insulting the child in the process. Although the words may not have been written by Davies’ himself, the situation reflects poorly for the following reasons:

  • The posts were made in the general chat of a discord which he is the owner and operator of
  • A moderator, who would have been given the position by Davies, was engaging in the conversation and did not remove the posts or attempt to stop the conversation

Many have criticized us for not providing enough evidence, or being biased against these individuals – this makes little sense for multiple reasons. However, I hope now that you finally are starting to realize that these stories are not being made up. They are real, and they are in fact a lot worse than what has been provided in this article. We are not looking to cause problems, the problems have already been caused – we are trying to prevent them from happening.

For this reason, we will be leaving the article here.. for now. Hopefully, this starts a conversation that has needed to happen for some time. Harassment and bullying is NOT ok, especially with children. Stalking children is another level of not OK. I am hoping that this article has uncovered some of the hard facts of reality that have been allowed to happen for some time and that action will start to be taken.

There are multiple examples of this with other children or vulnerable people happening from the same group of people from, generally, the same discord chat. It is also a fact that this has happened on Davies’ twitch channel in the past – with people being hounded in the chat or by the main man himself on video. We are not going to report on that.. yet. We want to give the people responsible the chance to apologize, remove the hateful content and prevent it from happening again. If there are no changes soon, or the response to this article is similar to others then we will be forced to expose more of this shocking behavior.

If you have been affected by any of these issues and would like to talk to someone:


To reiterate, we are not trying to start beef, cause drama or destroy anybody – we just want to see this behavior stopped. We have more records which if they are not dealt with and the abuse is stamped out – then we will be forced to report on. This was the tip of a large iceberg and it is up to those responsible if they want to correct their behavior.

About the Author

Oscar Lowell
Founder & Editor of SimNews

4 Comments on "CHILD HARASSMENT AND BULLYING ‘COMMON PLACE’ in Davies’ circles"

  1. This is me. I am currently 14 years of age. I do agree that these photoshopped images are vulnerable and I felt vulnerable myself when I saw one of these images. However, I simply don’t care. The Matt Davies circle is full of idiots. Everyone outside of it think of these people as complete idiots (which is true). I would like to thank you for addressing this issue.

    • Thank you for speaking out. You shouldn’t have to apologize. You are a child, Matt Davies is a grown adult and a man with quite the following. He should use it responsibly and people who ‘moderate’ for him should not be editing pictures or bullying children for simply sharing their opinion. That’s simply how it is. SimNews stands in full support of preventing online abuse and harassment. Although you may not care about it, we can’t sit by and not report it. Because if we do, what will happen is these people will carry on doing the same thing to other people who may not be able to take it as much as you can. This could lead to terrible, terrible things – even to the point of loss of life.

      If you have anything else you would like to share, contact us at: [email protected]

      We thank you for your support.

  2. David Solesvik | August 13, 2018 at 12:25 am | Reply

    The individual that is commonly mentioned in this post is I, David Solesvik, commonly known as “dsolesvik”. I am not afraid to speak out and would also like to say that I do not take these comments personally and etc. Everybody gets bullied sooner or later in his life but that doesn’t mean that you should care about it. But I would also like to apologise to anyone who have gotten into trouble because of my actions. All I did was sharing my personal opinion. I openly came out on Matt Davies’ Discord server today to apologise for ay inconveniences that I have caused and I must say, the members of the Discord responded very kindly. I would like to thank you for regarding this issue. And for the reference, I am currently 14 and 1/2 years of age.

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