Flight Sim patriot Frooglesim SLAMS OrbX after exposing shady business tactics

Flight Sim patriot and veteran flight simmer and reporter at PC Pilot, Frooglesim also known as ‘Froogle’ or ‘Froogle Pete’ has exposed the disgusting business practices of a flight simulation retailer known as ‘OrbX’. OrbX are well known for their highly detailed scenery addon products which many have praised for being highly accurate and detailed. However, it was revealed that OrbX had been employing dirty business practices by making it appear that end users would require additional products for single scenery packages.

In a recent video released by Frooglesim the OrbX store is exposed and slammed for its misleading business practices in which OrbX tried to manipulate consumers into purchasing scenery that they did not actually need.

The much loved patriot eloquently and dramatically exposed OrbX’s agenda piece by piece. The particular drama related to a scenery package named ‘OrbX Southampton Airport’ which stated on it’s product page on their website that to use OrbX Southampton it would require another paid scenery package. Frooglesim broke this disturbing fact on his weekly news breakdown on his YouTube.com profile. However, once this was exposed OrbX CHANGED their website to state that it would require a free package and then tried to deny that their website ever advertised the fact that you would need a paid package. Of course the much loved patriot had video footage of the website clearly stating that a paid package would be required and brilliantly slammed OrbX for their dirty tactics.

OrbX were a much loved scenery provider and their scenery has always received high praise from critics. However, there are questions in the air regarding their trustworthiness following this latest scandal. This incident follows a series of shady business practices being exposed such as the FSLabs malware incident.

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