Sim Jong Un sends SimNews to the Gulag! New social media!

Following a heavy censorship campaign by Sim Jong Un, SimNews have finally been sent to the Gulag and suppressed from having our links shared on platforms such as the r/flightsim subreddit. Sim Jong Un has partaken in politically motivated censorship and suppressed a famous flight simulation whistle blower known as ‘FSAntiSec’ (who has helped reveal some of Flight Sim’s darkest secrets in the past) by banning them from posting in the subreddit. We imagine that FSAntiSec will return in some form as they always have done in the past and we are excited to see what revelations they help to expose next.


To counter this mass censorship campaign of SimNews we have decided to finally open a Twitter account. Although Twitter has hosted and maintained twitter accounts belonging to some of flight sim’s most controversial and disreputable names in the past we have decided that we have no other option but to use their platform to help spread our message. We have never and will never agree with Twitter’s policies of hosting divisive flight simulation figures as well as their disgusting beliefs.


So, we now announce: please follow, like and retweet as much as possible to help expose some of the Fake News that is being so openly spread by other ‘news’ outlets.


In our first 24 hours on the platform we have been given exclusive product announcements from JustFlight and we were the first to report on their new product release of the PA-28-181 Archer III. Once again proving how SimNews put the breaking in breaking news.

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Oscar Lowell
Founder & Editor of SimNews

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