Sim Jong Un! SimNews censored following link being shared to Reddit


A SimNews article shared to the popular website ‘Reddit’ which claims the title ‘front page of the internet’ was today removed and censored due to the content of the article not aligning with the moderators political views. An anonymous user, known in the community as FSAntiSec, shared a SimNews article that detailed unethical and immoral behavior that was taking place in the flight simulation community. The reddit post was swiftly removed by a moderator of the subreddit (r/flightsim) who shall be known as Sim Jong Un.

Sim Jong Un provided no reasoning for this action and many other fake simulator news media outlets are often linked to in the subreddit. However, SimNews can officially reveal that the action was due to a political bias in favour of PosCon and high profile figures in the flight sim community who were mentioned in that article. The censorship follows an ongoing campaign to silence SimNews and facts from being published in the flight sim community.

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Ali Abdullah
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