SimNews consulted by Government sponsored think tank tasked with combating FAKE NEWS

If you, one of our hundreds of thousands of readers, have been wondering why SimNews has gone silent recently then you may not have heard of what we have been up to. Following our triumphant return to the simulation news media scene and working on some of the biggest exposes’ not only in the simulation news circle, but also some of the biggest stories of the past two decades in ‘mainstream’ media we were contacted by a Government sponsored think tank that is tasked with generating ideas of how we can defeat the biggest threat to democracy in the 21st century: FAKE NEWS.

The Government contacted SimNews as we have worked to expose fake news on the online media and our journalism was quoted as being ‘top notch’ by a senior minister who wished to remain anonymous. SimNews are playing a key role in the think tank and although we cannot yet publish some of the content of the talks and work we have been conducting over the past few weeks we can say that what we are working on is groundbreaking and will not only affect the nation but will also have international effects. It has been noted by other media outlets that the think tank has received support from the UN (United Nations) and many other nations are interested in assisting with our research and discussions.

The think tank is not the only reason we have been away, we have also deployed several of our journalists to infiltrate a very dark group that exists within the flight simulation community, they have been producing some fantastic results and soon we will hopefully be able to expose the truth behind this sick group of people.

For now, this is all that we can say and SimNews will continue to provide you with the #1 source of simulation news.

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Oscar Lowell
Founder & Editor of SimNews

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