SimNews returns after victory over censorship & harassment

SimNews returns after victory over censorship & harassment

Today, SimNews has returned after a failed censorship campaign by other ‘popular’ simulator news outlets. For the past 4-6 months, SimNews has been pushing against a censorship campaign by other simulator fake news media outlets. Two simulator ‘news’ providers, which for on-going legal reasons cannot be named, started a campaign of harassment, censorship and illegal attacks on SimNews and several journalists who write for them. The months long campaign resulted in SimNews fighting back via a legal battle and exposing their practices of fake news, bias and favoritism in the flight simulator community. SimNews has today revealed that they had to close down their site due to the harassment and conduct a two month undercover investigation to expose the actions of what some consider to be the most ‘popular’ flight simulator news outlet.

After a damning report was released today, SimNews founder Oscar Lowell provided the following statement:

SimNews is recognized as the leading provider of factual and accurate Flight Simulator and general simulator related news. Although we cover and expose what may be considered controversial topics this does not give anybody the right to harass our writers or defame our brand. We aim to eradicate fake news and bias from the Flight Simulator news community and the report released today has helped to expose some of the biggest news outlets in the sphere. Hopefully soon, once formal proceedings have been conducted, we can start to name and shame the outlets providing the fake news and bias.

SimNews is now back to providing regular news stories, exposing falsehoods and behavior in the simulator and flight simulator communities that many will be disheartened to find has been occurring.

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  1. Even flight simulator news networks are now claiming “Fake news”. Now I have truly seen everything. Game over, life.

  2. Wow

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