VATSIM defies aggressive takeover bid following attempted coup

SimNews today can reveal that following an emergency meeting by the VATSIM Board of Governors (BoG) they have declined an offer of $50,000 from an alleged upcoming rival network, known as POSCON, which has recently been acquired by two notorious members of the flight simulator community.

VATSIM released the following statement to SimNews:

Dear VATSIM Members,

We wanted to take a moment to address the reports and speculation that have been circulating in the flight simulation community over the past few days. Recently, a group of individuals made an unsolicited proposal to VATSIM’s Founders to acquire VATSIM for free. VATSIM’s Founders have declined this proposal.

While there has been a lot of public discussion the past few days about what this proposal may or may not have entailed, in the end this was merely a group of individuals who are attempting to get people speculating and to otherwise accept their vision of the future. VATSIM does not share this vision.

The cash investment that has been widely publicized would not have taken place until after this group had seized control of VATSIM. This proposal would have acquired you, our fellow VATSIM members along with all records, statistics, intellectual property and all other assets that thousands upon thousands of people have worked to create over the past 17 years.

The Founders of VATSIM have full confidence in the Board of Governors, who collectively have decades of experience in the flight simulation community, ensuring VATSIM’s continued success in the future. They are being joined by new colleagues who are filling long vacant positions and are bringing new ideas to the table which will fundamentally change the way VATSIM software development is done.

As VATSIM’s leadership, we owe you answers and a firm commitment to the future of our community. We can assure you that the future of VATSIM does not lie with another organization. The Board of Governors has been tasked by the Founders and its members to outline the future of VATSIM.

Technology improvements are our number one priority. We currently have a new voice codec in development with increased clarity and reduced latency. Our future goals include a complete rewrite of the back-end software to provide a modern and vastly improved network experience for all members.

We are listening to your feedback and exploring global initiatives to ensure our new pilots, who are crucial to our growth, are provided with the tools and education to make the most of their experiences with our controllers and fellow pilots.

We want to ensure VATSIM remains the biggest and best international online flying network. We are opening our traditionally closed development process as we believe that our members can and will deliver new technology that will take your VATSIM experience to the next level. We’re also reviewing how the organization operates to ensure it remains truly community led: after all, you, the members, are what makes VATSIM truly special.

We want to reiterate that VATSIM will remain free for all to use. This has been a central pillar of our network and one that we are proud to guarantee going forward.

VATSIM would not be what it is today without the passion, devotion and significant contributions of all of you. Over 80,000 people participate in the community by flying, controlling, and performing various management and administrative tasks every day. The reality is that there would be no VATSIM without you.

We want to thank each and every VATSIM member for everything that you have done to make VATSIM as successful as it has been the past 17 years and we are looking forward to a very bright future.

The VATSIM Founders & Board of Governors

Shortly after VATSIM shut down the attempted coup, well known agitator and someone yet to deliver on multiple publicized promises, Matt Davies released the following statement on behalf of the facebook page known as POSCON:

Hey all – Matt here.

I’m sure you will have heard the recent news that VATSIM has declined our offer to acquire the Virtual Network for $50,000.

As disappointed as we are with the VATSIM founders’ decision to decline our offer, we are also relieved in a big way.

Our intentions, at the core, were genuine; we actually did this for the good of the community. However, after witnessing the drama that unfolded over the weekend, it became clear to us that the innovative network of the future is not for everyone. In fact, we underestimated the challenge posed by the many levels of leadership within the organisation and the lethargic way of planning for the future.

To all of the VATSIM users that were loudly expressing their discontent towards this deal, we would like you to realize that it took this threat from POSCON to get VATSIM to start talking about upgrading the infrastructure and making “positive” changes. Whether or not they follow through on their promises remains to be seen.

Just know one thing – very soon we will be unleashing the features of our new network and you will always be welcome to join POSCON once VATSIM lets you down one last time (See the latest AirDailyX post for an example of why VATSIM will do just that).

We’ve finally reached the end of days full of drama and rumours. We look forward to focusing on expediting the launch of the next generation Positive Control Network FREE of charge for the community to enjoy.

For those who support us, thank you.

The POSCON team.

The response from POSCON’s “lead technical manager” and spin doctor Matt Davies is as undignified as we have come to expect from Mr. Davies. This can be exemplified by an excerpt from the statement which states that VATSIM have only ‘started talking’ about upgrading their infrastructure following the aggressive tactics from POSCON. Unfortunately, this is an untruth and false publication as SimNews have records of a statement released by VATSIM almost exactly a year ago talking about upgrading their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this lie is one of the smallest by the POSCON team and also one of the less aggressive tactics utilized by the conspirators.

Use of abuse, mob mentality and bullying
The POSCON offer of $50,000 was no secret whilst VATSIM were considering it. The offer was ‘leaked’ by what SimNews believe to be a member of the POSCON team themselves, a tactic used to garner support and put pressure on VATSIM to accept the offer which fortunately failed. Once leaked, many of Matt Davies’ fansfrom his YouTube and Twitch pages which have a reputation for their offensive comments and bullying of vulnerable members of the community. Matt Davies’ discord exploded with comments following the announcement, this was followed by a stream of Matt Davies where he vented about the situation. Members of Matt Davies’ community hounded, harassed and bullied a child, aged between 11-13, following his comments against POSCON and their behavior on the fake news site FSElite – which is known to have a bias towards Matt Davies following their partnership on ProjectFly and multiple articles being written in support of Davies’ controversial acts. Some readers have even complained that ‘If Belynz [Matt Davies] even so much as takes a dump, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be an article on FSElite about it’.

SimNews are well aware of the behaviour of POSCON and other related services which have cropped up in recent months. This isn’t the first time members involved have been able to take over an existing product and profit from work that they contributed very little too. P3D Tweak Assistant (PTA) is an example of Davies’ paying a substantial amount of money for a product made by somebody else which then had a price hike from $0 to $19.40, which cannot be measured in percentage because the rise is just so astonishingly high. We will continue to cover the aggressive tactics of the POSCON team and related services and we are currently working on an exposé which will reveal the full extent of the disgusting tactics used by the team.

More to follow..

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