VATSIM hosts xenophobic ‘Anti-British’ event

An annual VATSIM event that is now on it’s nineteenth year is now well underway. The ‘Boston Tea Party’ event is being held on the 11th August and has been heavily sponsored by VATSIM and popular flight sim media icons. The event which derives it’s name from the historical event of the same name which served as a catalyst for the American Revolution which resulted in around 24,000 British deaths. Many mainstream fake sim news media outlets have failed to report on the disgusting naming of an event which resulted in the loss of so many. Commentators in the community have labeled the event as ‘Anti British’ and ‘yet another example of American imperialism’. Many British flight simmers have decided to abstain from today’s event in protest of the naming and meaning behind it. SimNews is the only media outlet to bring attention to the poor naming choice of the event and the historical insensitivity that comes with it.

The aggressive actions of the Americans during the historical ‘Boston Tea Party’ were the result of the British attempting to recover costs lost from the seven years war in which the British defended the right to their rightful empire and attempted to help the American people prosper. Which if they would have succeeded, America would be in a much better position today than it is currently. Following the treaties of Hubertusburg the British needed to recover losses and rightfully introduced the Stamp Act which imposed a stamp duty on documents. The money raised from this tax would have helped secure the funding required to recover from the previous wars that in fact very much helped the American people. However, the Americans did not like supporting the people who made them what they are and caused illegal and disruptive riots that were similar to the London riots of 2011 in which looting of shops (such as PC World) occurred. The British put an end to the Stamp Act following the snowflake American’s protest and their inability to pay tax however, King George III had the foresight to impose further taxes such as the Townshead Acts and a tea duty. Once again the crybaby Americans threw a fit and when a cargo shipment of taxed tea arrived in a port of Boston the Americans mocked native Americans and culturally appropriated as they dressed up (in what essentially was blackface) as the natives and tipped the cargo of tea into the sea. This was all against the laws that King George the third, who was known to suffer from a mental illness, had introduced. This showed that the Americans had an insensitivity to the natives and to those who were mentally ill – which if was modern day would be looked down upon by all due to the fact of how outrageous it is.

Following the historical facts that have just been laid out it is hard to argue for the continuing of the ‘Boston Tea Party’ event. VATSIM prides itself on being inclusive and family friendly, however, sponsoring an event that is named after an Anti British sentiment, in which people committed illegal rioting, dressed up in blackface and culturally appropriated as native Americans, encouraged tax evasion and mocks the war dead of both the Seven Years War and the American Revolution – if VATSIM continue to sponsor the event then we can only assume that their values fall in line with the values that have just been listed.

We urge VATSIM to reconsider their hosting of the Boston Tea Party or an immediate renaming of the event. Those who stream themselves, make videos on or promote the event should also be considered as encouraging the ideas that the Boston Tea Party history holds.

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Ali Abdullah
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  1. Totally agree can’t believe VATSIM would allow something like this

  2. VATSIM is so stupid. VATSIM’s opinions are stupid.

  3. You took 5 paragraphs to expose VATSIM. I’m shocked and disgusted at them..

  4. BoeingPilot738 | October 26, 2018 at 3:28 am | Reply

    lol this is hilarious

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