VATSIM launch crackdown on abusive and disruptive users

In September 2018, a highly secret, quarterly VATSIM summit was held in which board members gathered from all over the world in an undisclosed location to discuss matters related to flight sim and set out their globalist agenda for VATSIM in the following year. A leaked memo from the summit has suggested that VATSIM will be enforcing new harsher regulations to help crackdown on the infest of VATSIM users who are abusing the platform and ruining the experience for others.

SimNews managed to find a leaked copy of a document containing minutes from the summit which you can read here: The most intriguing part of the document relates to VATSIM planning to introduce tougher entry requirements for users to the platform. One method of their approach is by introducing  a new entrance exam ranging from 10-15 random questions from a pool of 50-100 which are based on basic general aviation knowledge. VATSIM stressed that ‘such an exam would not have any region specific procedures’ and suggested that users would be prompted with optional instructional tutorials following successful completion of the exam.

In recent years VATSIM has faced an influx of abusive or disruptive users (also known as ‘trolls’). Experts have determined that this is most likely related to the greater publicity of flight simulation and VATSIM with a much younger audience being attracted to the platform through multiple online personalities who make online videos or live broadcasts of flight sim whom have an audience share which significantly consists of under 18s. Some personalities have gained millions of online hits from their videos in which they record themselves intentionally ‘trolling’ the VATSIM network or similar flight simulator multiplayer networks. However, others argue that only a small portion of these disruptive users are actually children and that many are in their mid to late teens or early adulthood in which they are much more accountable for their actions. A recent report has suggested that these troublesome individuals gain pleasure from disrupting others who are live broadcasting on platforms such as YouTube Gaming and (a subsidiary of Some of the disruptive acts include (but are not limited too): screaming abusive language down frequency, making noises (such as screaming) down frequency, not following proper aviation procedures, spawning on runways, taking off/landing on inactive runways, performing ‘intercepts’ in jet fighters as well as a plethora of other acts.

Many spokespeople and the general flight sim public have spoken out about the influx of disruptive behaviour in recent years and many had become disillusioned with VATSIM’s lacklustre approach to the problem. However, with the release of this new information there may be hope for many as VATSIM reclaim their platform and bring balance back to the flight simulation force.


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